Free Slot Machines vs. Real Money

free slot machines vs real slot machinesWhen it comes to playing the slots online, there are two main camps that consist of free slot machines and real money versions. While each of these has its advantages, it is important to know which one works best for your needs so that you can reap the most benefits.

However, it is important to know what they do, how they work and what benefits they offer so that you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

What are Real Money Slots?

Essentially, they are the online counterpart of the slot machine that you find in casinos around the world. Here, you set up an account so that the money deposited can be used to pay the machine. If you win, then what you earn goes into your account. Many real money slots will offer cash incentives or bonuses that allow you to make even more money.

What are Free Slot Machines?

Free slot machines are exactly that, you do not pay to play on these online machines. Instead, you can choose from a myriad of different slots and play to your heart’s content without having to spend any money. You get all the action of playing on a real slot machine, but instead of cash you earn credits which will be used at the end of a pre-designated time frame to be entered into a sweepstakes so that you get the chance to win real cash.

Free Slot Machines vs. Real Money

It must be stated that there are similarities between both types in terms of their game play, graphics and how the machine operates. The only real difference between them is found in what it takes to play the slots.

While everyone has a chance to win money on every spin, the odds are stacked pretty high towards the house. This means that it may take many, many spins before you win at the game. In terms of a real money slot machine, it’s possible to lose a great deal of cash before you see any return. Even then, you may never get back what you have lost.

With free slots whether you win or lose it does not matter. You are risking nothing except the time that you spend playing the game. While this means that the amount of credits that you win may vary between sweepstakes, you will never be out of a dime from your pocket.

It is true that in real money slots the chances to win actual cash are arguably greater than earning credits for a sweepstakes where the money is given out once a week or once per month. However, the money lost from playing the slots may be considerable and since you never know what spin will be a winner. There are thousands of people who lose more than they should only to keep pressing on to win it back.

Free slot machines may not quite have the earning potential of their real money counterparts, but you can rest assured that no matter how long you play there will never be any money leaving your pocket.

Royal Caribbean Slots Game – Online Slots Game

How do you actually picture out a royal Caribbean? It would be hard to do so, because both words seem to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Royalty always denotes discipline and regality; Caribbean, on the other hand, is always associated with free-spirited-ness.

Indeed, the name Royal Caribbean for a slot machine is something that would leave you confused, more so guessing. This is because even just one look of the interface, you know that there is no such thing that will remind you of the Caribbean. Rather, you are greeted by an Elizabethan-inspired 3-reel classic slot game. Nevertheless, the name itself is already enough to capture your attention and tickle your imagination.

There are 6 symbols used in Royal Caribbean. You have the King, Jester, Traditional King, Hand, Horsemen, and the Dancing Jester. The winnings you will receive will be dependent on what appears on the reel. However, if you are aspiring for the top prize, you must come up with 3 King symbols. At your maximum bet, you can have as many as 1,300 coins. Nevertheless, if you do not want to spend too much money on the slot game but would still like to get some coins in the end, you can just use 0.50 cents to $10 as your initial bet.

There are no bonus features here, so if you are looking for more ways to earn more money in Royal Caribbean, then you may be disappointed. However, for beginners, this is ideal since it makes the game simple and thus easy to understand.

Dolphin King Reels Slots Game – Online Slots Game

Dolphin King Reels can give you more reason to take a trip under the sea. In there, you can find a treasure chest with money that you can win even if you do not really come up with the winning combination. The reason is simple. It is one of the rapid fire slot games that are available in casinos. This means that Dolphin King Reels is also linked with 5 more slot machines of the same nature. All together, they can raise the jackpot prize faster, and there will be more payouts for all players.

Playing the game will also not cost you much. The smallest can be 5 cents, while the biggest can be $5. However, since there are only 9 coins needed to play for the maximum payout, the most that you can bet would be $45. This is definitely smaller than other slot machines that would compel you to pay more than 500. There are also 5 reels with 9 paylines. You can also go to a practice mode, which is for free, just to get a try on the game. The most that you can win is 10,000 coins or around $2,500.

Nevertheless, there are still other methods to increase your winnings. The Pearl, for example, a scatter symbol, can make you win as long as there are two or more of them on any reel. The Wild symbol, Dolphin King, can provide you with 20 free spins if you can find it in reels 1 and 5.

English Harbour Slots Game – Online Slots Game

Lets talk about whats good and whats not with English Harbour slot. One of the first things that you may not appreciate from this slot machine is that its exclusive. You can only find this in English Harbour online casino there is no other place. This also does not have any multiplier, scatter, or wild symbol, which gives you more ways to increase your winnings.

Nevertheless, despite the disadvantages, you can still find good reasons to play this 5-reel slot. For example, the jackpot prize is equivalent to 10,000 coins, which is already huge considering that the maximum bet you can make per coin is $10. If you want to maximize your payout, you simply have to bet $50 per spin. Others would might compel you to pay around $200. You also have the practice mode, if you want to try the game without betting yet. Moreover, its very easy to win, simply because the game is very simple. You simply have to come up with the Harbour logos on the five reels.

Since it is not complicated, even slot beginners can enjoy the game and win prizes at the end. You can also have more control on the spins through the Stop Spin option. When you press it, you can stop the spinning of the reels yourself and check if you have created a winning combination.

To play the game, you simply need to make an initial deposit to English Harbour. You can then choose to download the software or play the game online.

Evel Knievel Slots Game – Online Slots Game

Evel Knievel is an extreme sports icon like no other. He is well-known not just for his mad motorcycle skills, but also for his daredevil stunts. He is even the inspiration of the famous Ghost Rider comic books. Thus, it comes as no surprise that a slot machine had been made in honor of this American legend.

The game has pay lines of up to twenty and is composed of five reels. Understandably, the main draw of this slot game is the visual representation of his famous attempts. Animations of his known exploits appear at several points in the game. The symbols also have a hint of American pride, since Evel Knievel would often wear the stars and stripes when performing his acts.

Other than the obvious relations to the theme, there are a lot of reasons to continue playing the game. First, there are three stages of bonus games. The prizes can be multiplied on each bonus stage as well. Moreover, once you have stepped on the bonus rounds, you are already have a guaranteed prize.

There are also several ways to get a free spin in the game. When scatter symbols pop up on any three of the five reels, you will get 15 free spins. Furthermore, while other slot machines simply double the money during free spins, the daredevil biker would raise the stake by tripling them. This continues the fearless tradition of the rider who would always perform something more dangerous than he had done previously.

Fantasy Fortune Slots Game – Online Slots Game

If you love dragons, fairies, magic, and anything that is related to them, then most definitely you are enthralled with fantasy. And what better way to feed on your wild imagination and deep love for it than to play the Fantasy Fortune.

This is actually a five-reel slot game. However, while classic slots have only one payline, this one has 20. It can be complicated for others, but if you want to increase your winnings, then this could be advantageous to you. The most that you can bet per spin is $50. Now, unless you are already a high roller or have that much amount of money, you cant afford it. Just to get the ball rolling, though, you can bet 20 cents per pin or a penny for every coin slot. Nevertheless, if you want to win the jackpot prize, you should always strive for the biggest bet.

You do have other ways of winning too. You have the wild symbol, which is the dragon. It can be used to substitute with the other symbols in the game, such as the dark and white knights and castles. You also have two scatter symbols: the door and the wizard. If you have three of any of these on the five reels, you can get ten free spins. Whatever you win during the free spins, you can multiply it by 3 times. You can also play the bonus game if you have three or more doors. You simply have to choose the arrows you want, and it will lead you to a room filled with rewards.

Fat Cat Slots Game – Online Slots Game

The Fat Cat slots game is one of the most memorable and endearing slot machine themes. This five-reel game brings the players sense of humor with characters such as the Rich Fat Cat, the kitty cat, and a pitbull butler. Other symbols include a pot of money, a money bag, a golden dollar sign, and a series of letters and numbers.

Depending on which version you are playing, you may get to play with nine or twenty paylines. Either way you get your moneys worth due to the many possibilities of winning. For each payline, one can bet as small as ten cents to five dollars.

The namesake of the game is also its wild symbol. Much like a wildcard, the Fat Cat can substitute all the symbols in order to receive a higher payout. Take note that whenever there is more than one winning combination appearing in a payline, it is the highest combo that will be considered.

The only exception for the Fat Cat is the golden dollar sign, which is the scatter symbol of the game. This basically means it does not need to be in any particular payline. As long as it appears on any two of the five reels, you already have a win. Having three or more dollar signs also reveals the bonus round.

The bonus round will simply ask you to click on eight boxes with the same symbol (the symbol depends on the version you are playing). Behind each symbol is an amount of money, and the total will be awarded to the player.

Funky Chicken Slots Game – Online Slots Game

This slot machine theme may have gotten its inspiration from the popular dance in the sixties, though its elements are actually a place where you can find actual chickens. Players will be able to spot a farmer, farm house, tractor, and an egg as symbols. Joining them are the letters A, K, Q, J, and the numbers 10 and 9. You probably guessed right if you think they are named after the highest valued cards.

The five-reel, 25 payline slot machine game ensures maximum chances of winning for every spin. One can play as little as a cent or as high as ten dollars per line. A player can get as much 5,000 coins on a spin. To increase your chances of winning, place a bet on all the paylines.

Players might notice a scarecrow running around the reels. The scarecrow is actually a part of the substitute symbol of the game, the cornfield. One can get bigger winnings when one or more cornfields appear on a payline that has been bet on. If a situation where more than one combination exists, the cornfield will substitute the symbol that will yield the highest result.

But what about the funky chicken itself? It will actually be one symbol youd hope to see once the reels stop spinning since it is a scatter symbol. Two already yields a price, and three or more pops up the free spin bonus. Before the actual spin, the multiplying factor will be revealed. Players have fifteen spins during the bonus round.

If youd like to play Funky Chicken, try one of these popular and trusted online casinos:

Lucky 7’s Slots Game – Online Slots Game

Playing Lucky 7’s in its 7-reel version is going to be quite hard. This is because most of the casinos have adapted the three-reel type. Nevertheless, it does not make the 7-reel slot game any more mediocre, worthy to be ignored. In fact, if you are looking for a more challenging game, you need to find this one.

This Lucky 7’s is created by OddsOn Gaming, which is more known today as Vegas Technology. In truth, there are just 5 average reels; however, you can find additional two in here. That is what makes the game even more exciting. Beginners would definitely have to work hard to ensure that they can easily understand the mechanics of the game. Most probably, they are used to three- or five-reel slot machines.

The game revolves around the no.7, which is considered to be a lucky number. The symbols, too, come in sevens. You have the gold bars, casino chips, and bingo halls. You can also get a money bag and cherry. If you want to win the jackpot prize, you have to produce 7 logos of the slot machine game. You will then be rewarded with 2,500 coins, or you could win as much as $25,000. You also do not need much in order to activate the slot. The smallest bet you can make is 7 cents a spin or 1 cent per coin slot. The most would be $10 or $70, if you want to go full blast with your bet.

This also offers a faster way of winning since you do not really have to come up with aligned symbols. The most important thing is that the symbols are found on consecutive reels.

Farming Futures Slots Game – Online Slots Game

Do you miss the farm life? If you haven’t tried it yet, would you like to see how things would be like? You simply need to prepare your money, choose your favorite casino, and play Farming Futures.

Farming Futures is a very cute slot game. The symbols are the usual animals that you would see in a farm, such as pigs, ducks, horses, and goats. However, because of their cartoon effect, you cant help but wear a huge smile while playing the game.

This is also available in a lot of your well-loved online casinos, and given the option to download the software into your PC or laptop, or directly play it online with the use of Flash.

You also do not need to spend a lot just to start playing the game. This is a penny slot; a cent can already make the game active. The most that you can spend for every spin would be $90, which will guarantee you the jackpot prize worth 2,500 coins. However, to get that, you have to produce 7 Farmer symbols.

This then brings us to a slight disadvantage of the game. Beginners may not easily warm up to it because its a 7-reel slot. Most of the slot games have 3 to 5 reels. There are also 9 paylines, which can prove to be much complicated for them. Nevertheless, with constant playing, you will get used to the mechanics and the dynamics of the game. You can also have as many as 30 winning patterns.