Gambling in Florida – Slots Machines in Florida

History of Florida Slots

Florida is one of the most vibrant slot machine environments in the whole of United States. Just recently, a casino offered a very high payback percentage of 98% to its patrons. However, Florida’s slot history is also marked by stringent legislation that has constrained the freedom of people to gamble, but the people can still play slot machines in any of the licensed casinos that the state has allowed to operate.

Florida Slot Laws

While it is legal to play slots in the casinos that populate the state of Florida, to own one for yourself any modern slot machine is considered a violation of the state’s gambling laws. The only slot machines that are permitted to be owned are those that are 20 years and older, which are then considered antique under the law. However, these antiques are not to be maintained for purposes of providing an avenue for gambling at home. While personally owning a slot machine is illegal, casinos are exempt from this provision although they are subject to strict regulation by the states government.

Where to Play Slots in Florida

  • Miccosukee Resort and Gaming Center, Miami, FL
  • Seminole Casinos in cities of Coconut Creek, Hollywood, Immokalee, and Okeechobee
  • Casino cruise boats in 14 cities
  • The Isle Casino & Racing

Best Slots in Florida

If the promise holds true, then Florida has its best slot machine establishment in the Isle Casino & Racing in Pompano Park, Broward. This casino has recently made the news for announcing that they are offering machines with very high percentage of paybacks. With this, a lot of people are having the chance of playing and getting most of their money back after the night is through. Isle Casino currently offers a thousand Las Vegas-style slot machines, a large of number of which may just be those loose machines they are talking about. The Isle Casino is located at 1800 SW 3rd St., Pompano Beach.

More Gambling in Florida

Florida is one of the states that do allow sports gambling. Hence, in here, aside from slot machines one can find access to table games like poker, blackjack and other card-related competitions. The Miccosukee Resort and Gaming Center offers such games to those that don’t want to limit themselves to the chance playing that slot machines are known to offer. In here, you can play any form of poker in one of its poker tables that number up to 58. Games available are Omaha Hi-Low, Texas Hold ‘Em, and 7 Card Stud. You can also participate in high-stakes bingo dinero games for a different stroke of banking on fortune. Try your hand now by visiting the Miccosukee Resort at 500 S.W. 177th Avenue, Miami, FL 33194.

Things to Do in Florida

Aside from gambling, Florida is also frequented by tourists and visitors because of its primary attraction: beaches! If you have some time off from gambling, take that time by visiting any of the white sand beaches and excellent waters that Florida has to offer.