Gambling in Georgia – Slots Machines in Georgia

History of Georgia Slots

There are some things unique about Georgia slots. For years now, the state has only allowed two establishments to operate slot machines within its watchful eye. This limits the options that the player has for playing Georgia slots, yet it has not stopped people from playing slot machines in the entire state of Georgia for at least once a year or so.

Georgia Slot Laws

The slot machine is considered a gambling device in Georgia and under its laws ownership of such machines is illegal. This is applicable only, however, to people who claim ownership of slot machines made before the year 1950. Any slot machines made before that all the way to the time of Charles Fey are considered antique and thus legal, but only for display purposes and shall not be maintained for operation. However, people can still play legally in two cruise casinos that operate in the state’s jurisdiction.

Where to Play Slots in Georgia

  • Diamond Casino
  • Emerald Princess II Casino Cruise
  • Best Slots in Georgia

One of the only casinos to operate in the state of Georgia, the Emerald Princess II is a two-deck cruise ship with over 220 slot machines to choose from. Its slot machines have several denominations for you to choose from. The values of these slot machines can range from $0.01 and up to $0.05. The Emerald Princess also offers table games, which widens your range somewhat. Want to try them out? Go ahead and book yourself a cruise at the Emerald Princess II. You can find the Emerald Princess II in its port at 1 Gisco Point Drive, Brunswick, GA 31523, which can be accessed both through the northbound and southbound routes of I-95.

More Gambling in Georgia

Aside from slot machines, Georgia is one of the states that actually do offer table gambling. When slot machines are not your cup of tea, you have a choice of other forms of gambling like table poker, roulette, stud poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack. Both ships offer these forms of gambling to their cruise passengers. There are even tournaments on both casinos, with Emerald Princess II having nightly Texas Hold ’Em tournaments; and the Diamond Casino offers tournaments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Black Jack tournaments are also at the Diamond Casino every Tuesday. The Diamond Casino wharf is located at 8010 Hwy 80 E # 2, Savannah, GA 31410-2294.

Things to Do in Georgia

When you’re in Georgia, there are a lot of things you can when you don’t feel like betting and gambling. For example, there is the Chattahochee River National Recreation Area, a national park under the care of the state government. You have a wide range of recreational options like fishing, hiking, picnicking and boating. The park is also home to a number of historical sites as well as host to a very diverse and vibrant ecology, and archaeological Indian settlements. A day at this national park is certainly a good match to your gambling holiday in Georgia.