Gambling in Maine – Slots Machines in Maine

History of Maine Slots

Although Maine has relaxed laws when it comes to slots, you will not find a lot of establishments that offer them. In fact, there is only one casino that has slots. This could be because they really do not have concrete laws when it comes to gambling. Nevertheless, the state is working on making sure that they can come up with laws that can legalize other forms of gambling in the state. However, like the rest of the laws, it may take a while before they can be passed.

Maine Slot Laws

Maine is one of those states that allow its residents to own a slot machine, regardless if it is antique or brand-new. This is just ideal considering that they do not have a lot of choices if they want to play slots. When they own a slot machine, they can save time and energy, and they can set up their own mini-slots tournaments with their family and neighbors.

Where to Play Slots in Maine

While other states have more than 10 casino establishments that offer slots, Maine has only one called Hollywood Slots. Residents may have to be very patient before they can see new casinos in their area, offering more choices for slot machines. In the meantime, they have to be content with the machines that they can display or play at home.

Best Slots in Maine

Just in case that you do not own a slot machine and you are in Maine for a quick tour, you can spend some time and play slots at Hollywood Slots. There is no other venue. Nevertheless, you will not be disappointed, as the casino has around 1,000 slot machines that are available for your entertainment. These machines can range from $0.1 to $100. The games include Village People Party, X-treme Reels, and Gold Fish.

More Gambling in Maine

Besides Hollywood Slots, there is another casino establishment in Maine. However, this one offers bingo games. It is called Penobscot High Stakes Bingo Casino. If you do not like to play bingo or slots, you can proceed to the racetrack facilities, which Maine has two of them. These are the Scarborough Downs and Bangor Raceway. The difference between the two is that the latter is open during certain months only, from May to July. The former operates the entire year, from noon to midnight. State lottery is one of the things that people really do care about in Maine. You can try betting for it and, who knows, you may win thousands to millions of dollars?

Things to Do While in Maine

The best times to visit Maine are during the spring and summer, where their forests and national parks become more alive and colorful with blooming flowers and growing trees. Do you love water sports? There are a number of fresh water lakes and Maine beaches, where you can try your hand on kayaking, sailing, fishing, and, of course, swimming. At Mid-coast, you can dine in al fresco and seafood restaurants or stay comfortably at their resorts.